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The Decisive ‘Top of the Top 10’ Hierarchy Categorically Segmented and Marked by Stephen Soldz Bilquis Edhi and Yanghee Lee—The Decade 2010-2020 “Domino-effect Verdict”.

Breaking News// LONDON/1/28/2021/ Ten extravagantly towering silhouettes have pixelated the rock-solid images and inimitable descriptions onto the large canvas of the first two decades of the 21st century. They stood out of 190 countries by virtue of the impact they have had on munificent realms and bounteous vistas of the first bi-decadal course of the new century and the new millennium as well. As per the domino effect verdict announced today, concerning the IH© international opinion poll outcomes; Stephen Soldz, an upright ethicist and moralist from the US, Ms. Bilquis Edhi, an unparalleled noted humanitarian from Pakistan and Prof. Yanghee Lee, the fabled unsurpassed human rights rapporteur of the UN, have evidently stretched and segmented the top of the decade’s impact hallmarks and the opinion poll’s top ‘tri-archy’ as well. Henceforth, by virtue of their resolute determinations, merited uprightness and humane fortitudes, as well as on the very basis of the verdict by the global audience – all three forthrightly stand out to be at, and categorically mark the decisive ‘top of the top ten’ of the planet.

Besides these upmost stalwarts, ten other true patrons of change, the flag-bearers of righteousness and the domino effect architects of the ‘Top-10’ of ‘Impact Hierarchy’ of the decade, are those who although didn’t paramount the voting round-up, but are nonetheless, impact worthy by the entire means and measures at the canvas fixed up as well as the reference value dealt with. Those enlisted as the top ten include:

Dr. Fritjof Capra—Erudite, Theorist, Polymath, Scientist, Thinker (US)
Dr. Muang Zarni— Human Rights Activist (Myanmar)
Graca Machel—An Advocate of Women & Children Rights (Mozambique)
Greta Thunberg— The Youngest Climate Activist (Sweden)
Jacinda Ardern—40th Prime Minister of New Zealand (New Zealand)
Kofi Annan— Former UN Sec. Gen (Ghana)
Maggie Doyne—Founder of The BlinkNow Foundation (Nepal)
Prof. Aurangzeb Hafi—Erudite, Phenomenologist, Polymath, Discoverer (Pakistan)
Pushpa Basnet— Social Worker (Nepal)
Tarana Burke—Hashtag(USA)

The remaining ten of the 20 finalists categorized as the domino effect runners up include:

Ban Ki Moon—Former UN Sec. Gen (South Korea)
Dr. Francois Englert—Scientist, Discoverer (Belgium)
Dr. Neil Turok—Physicist, Theorist (South Africa)
Dr. Peter Higgs—Scientist, Discoverer (United Kingdom)
Engin Altan Duzyatan—Television Actor, World Celebrity (Turkey)
Jon Kobat-Zinn—Mindfulness & Neuro-Sciences Theory (USA)
Nitesh Jangir —Student, Inventor (India)
Rayvon Stewart—Student, Inventor (Jamaica)
Steve Brachman—Journalist (US)
Takaaki Kajita & Arthur B. McDonald—Neutrino Oscillation (Japan & Canada)

In the category of literary works the top triarchy comprises:

A Hard Look into the Genesis of Myanmar’s Genocide
Behr-e-Sarab Dar Chashm-e-Aab
Impact of War on Children

A global audience perspective-based online opinion poll was carried out in assorted institutions and disciplines to vote for the “Person of the Decade”, based upon the impact value the person holds. Fairly dealt, judiciously apportioned and equitably dispensed – irrespective of the color or nation or the geography or location, the finalists were shortlisted out of over 1.6 million notables with diverse backgrounds and from over 190 countries. Subsequently, the finalists were presented to the global audience to pick out the person of their choice by voting on in different sections and categories, which were based upon 20 themes and their corresponding impact values that were categorized by the “Bi-Decadal Impacts Gazette©” and the ‘Impact Hallmarks© [IH]’ that are chronicling the categorical enlistees of 1st of the 21st Century Gazette in London, UK.

With utmost neutrality, plausible competency and best probable objectivity oriented fair play, the preliminary web-based screening was carried out with the emblem-ethos of IH©, “valuing the impact value”. The shortlisting process covered certain personalities, objects, contributions, happenings, resolutions, movements and events, after cautious and careful considerations integrated with extensive institutional and academic reviews of the domino effect reference value primarily based upon the themes categorized. Afterwards, the outcomes were thoroughly brought forth in place of an opinion poll for the global audience in order to have their own say about “who did what” – “how did it impact the others”?. In addition, the indispensable core consideration was the extent that determines the scope and magnitude to which the person or the object under consideration impacted the lives of people in every walk of life.

The whole discourse was, in fact, a proceeding towards the first of the 21st century’s bidecadal gazette – in order to ascertain the merit-bound featuring of persons and works of significance – comprising the notables having origins and roots across the geographical and cultural boundaries.

The successive outcomes withstand to be mentioned in the global encyclopedic references as well as the international history archives as those who impacted the world the most during the course of the first two decades of the new century and the new millennium as well.

The 20 finalists for the slots of the Person of the Decade and runners up were selected from amongst 1.6 million contenders from all over the world. The shortlisting and the decade poll conjointly divulged world giants, who are the true architects of change and the real hall-markers of the decade long impacts.

The profiles of the legendary finalists would soon be chronicled at with the ethos-emblem “lets worth the impact-worthy”.

Following titles held consensus from all of the considerable quarters of relevance, for being qualified as the Bi-Decadal and the Decade Titles:

The Unanimous Accords of Decadal & Bi-decadal Titles

1- The act of homicide killings of school children has been titled as the most condemnable conduct during the entire course of the two decades. [Bi-Decadal 2000-2020]

2- Child pornography along with other forms of pornographic acts have been titled as the most inhumane conducts during the entire course of the two decades. [Bi-Decadal 2000-2020]

3- The satellite images authenticating the acts of burning alive the Rohingya populated whole towns and over 210 villages in Myanmar, have been titled as the most brutal appearances on the face of planet, and henceforth, Rohingyas have been titled as the most persecuted minority of the decade, and subsequently, the ‘ruthless killings of their children’ as the most systematic genocide during the entire course of two decades. [Bi-Decadal 2000-2020]

4- The forced lockdown imposed by the armed forces in India-occupied Kashmir has been titled as the most escalated and prolonged lockdown during the entire course of two decades. [Bi-Decadal 2000-2020]

5- The United Nations’ International Decade of “Peace and Non-Violence for Children” of the World (A/RES/53/25), and International Decade for Action, “Water for Life” (A/RES/58/217) proclaimed by the UN, have been titled as the significant most decade observances during the entire course of the two decades. [Bi-Decadal 2000-2020]

6- The medical and paramedical staff losing their lives during the global emergency response of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak — who lost their lives while saving others’ along more than 218 countries and territories, have been unanimously titled as the ‘Global Benefactors of Human Race’ during the entire bidecadal course of the 21st century. [Bi-Decadal 2000-2020]

7- The 1st ever decade of postdoctoral appreciations, globally marked by NPA and AOPDA conjointly, has been titled as the foremost stride-move to advance the demesnes of postdoctoral research. [Decade 2010-2020]

8- Discovery of Boson by François Englert and Peter Higgs, Magneto-Hyro-Tropism [MHT] Discovery by Aurangzeb Hafi and Neutrino Oscillation Experimentation by Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald, have conjointly been titled as the breakthrough discoveries of the decade, in the broader enquiry perspectives of cosmogenesis and the far-extending horizons of cosmological research. [Decade 2010-2020]

9- Asian Tsunami of 2004 and the Haiti Earthquake of 2010 have been titled as the most devastating catastrophes of the two decades. [Bi-Decadal. [2000-2020]

10- The decade 2010-2020 has been titled as the warmest decade along the reference periods outlined by Copernicus Climate Change Service (CCCS), as well as the Carbon Dioxide concentrations analysis of the satellite data by CCCS and Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), which reveals the unprecedented global column-averaged approximately 413.1 ppm, has been titled as the most alarming risk-outburst of the entire bidecadal course of 21st century. [Bi-Decadal 2000-2020]

Details of the verdict and the gazette are scheduled to be aired within a time-frame of 10-15 days.

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