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The Cosmic Gulp—Myths and Truths—Scientific Considerationsand Cosmological Models to be Revisited

Two collisions have taken place between a neutron star and a black hole within a time-frame of 10 days. The extraterrestrial event suggests to revisit the theories of cosmology.

By Alex J. & Salawal Salah
Scientific Correspondents: SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia

According to the recent reports concerning the black hole-neutron star collision, the rare phenomenon tags considerable challenge to the wisdom of scientific era. The non- cogent twin-events have extended no scientific acquiescence to the cosmological theories or the past astronomical observations so far.

All of the data-info along with the indication-clues published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters leave the world with a plenty of question marks on the face of the black hole- neutron star collision event that has been named as ‘The Cosmic Gulp’.

“It’s the first time that we’ve actually been able to detect a neutron star and a black hole colliding with each other anywhere in the universe,” said Patrick Brady, a professor of physics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee who serves as the spokesman for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration.

BBC London’s foremost report on the intergalactic event, in addition to featuring the rarest and first of its nature extraterrestrial event, utters out quite clearly, that:

“The observations could mean that some ideas of how stars and galaxies form may need to be revised”.

Prof Vivien Raymond, from Cardiff University, told BBC News regarding the surprising results that:

“We have to go back to the drawing board and rewrite our theories,” he said effusively.

“We have learned a bit of a lesson again. When we assume something we tend to be proved wrong after a while. So we have to keep our minds open and see what the Universe is telling us.”

Prof Aurangzeb Hafi, the postdoc P.I. of South Asian region, on the other hand, profusely refutes the prevailing models of cosmogenesis on account of the recently occurred extraterrestrial twin-events that have turned the predominant ladders of cosmologyupside down.

Prof Hafi confutes quite demonstratively that:

“As per the twofold paradigms of black-hole view of the interstellar evolution and the big-bang view of cosmology, the black holes should only collide into the other neutron stars, as well as the neutron stars should also follow the same intergalactic pattern, whereas, through the recent divergence of the twin-events, the Universe is telling us something contrary to the Hawking’s cosmological model. Not only these two, but many other crashes also indicate the same mismatched collision phenomenon. Nonetheless, the pattern-divergence rather evidently validates intergalactic magneto-kinetics view of matter-field transposition as well as the interstellar magnetic inversion capsizal swaps”.

Above and beyond the scientific question marks posed by the phenomenon and highlighted by Prof Raymond and Prof Hafi, the famous astrophysicist Patrick Brady,an astrophysicist at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee remarks in a quite sturdy way, that:

“It was just a big quick (gulp), gone. ”The black hole “gets a nice dinner of a neutron star and makes itself just a little bit more massive.”

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