AOPDA Officials

Chief Patron and Chancellery Head of Asia & Oceania Post-Doctoral Academia (AOPDA)

H. E.Justice (R) Dr. S.S. Paru  L.L.D., D.Litt.,

Chancellor Emeritus: SAARC-ASEAN Postdoctoral Academia


Int’l Provost & Chief Academic Officer (Asia & Oceania):

Dr. Alex J.   


Principal Academic Officer (Asia):

Dr. E.M. Nawaratne  


Principal Academic Officer (Oceania):

Prof. Dr. Martin J Haigh   


Principal In-charge of Academic & Strategic Affairs:

Prof. Dr. Abu Said


Principal Investigatory Head (Asia & Oceania):

Professor Dr. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi


Postdoctoral Thematic Moderators—Term 2019-2020:

Prof. Dr. Martin J Haigh

Prof. Dr. Zafar Saied Saify

Prof. Dr, Uzma Qureshi

Dr. Muang Zarni

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Akram Chaudhry

Dr. Habib Siddique

Prof. Dr. Umar Farooq

Dr. Khalida M. Khan

Prof. Dr. Lakshman Madurasinghe

Dr. Rabia Faridi

Dr. Deshapariya Vijetunge Dame

Dr. Meher Master Moos

Dr. K. M. Dass


Postdoctoral Panelists—Term 2020-2021:

Dr. Habib Siddique

Dr. Rabia Faridi

Dr. Abu Said

Dr. Ali Raza Tahir

Dr. Umair Mahmood Siddique

Dr. Safwan Akram Ch.

Dr. Bareera N. B.

J Salik


In-charge of Financial & Administrative Affairs:

M. S. Salawal Salah

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