What We Do

The (AOPDA) is a 501(c) 3 academic not-for-profit company that looks for sustainable modification and enhancement for the postdoctoral experience through cooperation with all stakeholders. The AOPDA’s crucial program activities are focused in 3 essential locations:

Advocacy and Education

We promote policies that promote favorable modification in the postdoctoral experience. We promote policy modification within the research study organizations that host postdoctoral scholars.  

Resource Development

We establish and offer resources that publish administrators and docs required for success. Our resources cover a range of subjects. These resources are readily available online, with chosen resources for members-only.


We supply chances for the postdoctoral neighborhood to link. We host a yearly conference for the postdoctoral neighborhood to collect and improve their expert advancement and management abilities. We likewise preserve online forums to help with info partnership, exchange and networking.

Highlights of the AOPDA’s Recent Accomplishments

Recent accomplishments/activities by AOPDA or in which the AOPDA has played a significant role are:

  • Four consecutive years of increase in the entry stipend for the NIH National Research Service Award (NRSA) trainees (one percent in 2009, one percent in 2010, two percent in 2011 and 2012, seven percent in 2014, and two percent in 2015) after several years of no increases. Most recently, the President’s 2016 budget included raising the entry-level stipends to $43,692. The AOPDA applauds the NIH for these increases.
  • Providing information on the alignment of advanced training and career options to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Graduate Education Modernization Taskforce (2012).
  • The positive recommendationsmade by the NIH Advisory Committee to the Director Biomedical Research Workforce Working Group. The AOPDA provided data and presented to the working group and was recognized in the group’s report for its contributions.

To learn more about the AOPDA’s recent accomplishments, click here. You can also download our brochure here.

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