Unjustifiably Revisiting the Scientific Proceedings Concerning the COVID-19—A Massive Slip-Up All-along!

Viewed academically, from all of the methodological positions and angles, now the institutions direly need to revisit, review and revise their approach as well as the perspective discourse embraced, standardized and encompassed globally, to address and deal with the COVID pandemic so far.
It has been evidenced now, that in fact, up to the exceedingly extreme extents, a grimly serious-enough pathophysiological erroneousness was employed worldwide in determining the basic ‘frames of reference’ concerning the COVID as well as the pertinent causal confinement frameworks in a scientific way or with an apropos methodological approach. While defining and determining the COVID’s ‘all-abouts’ in a non-methodic ‘trial-n-error’ fashion, the adopted discourse, eventually, turned into not only the severe diagnostic errors but a ‘global indicative slip-up’ all along!
Bergamo pathological reports of over 50 autopsies (to date, the highest series of thorough autopsies reported to the WHO record-annals on COVID-19), evidently point towards the austerely grim methodological neglects, employed thereupon.
Keeping aside the conspiracy theories extended during the corona scenario so far, shocking-enough and academically ample disgraceful are what the reports of 50 autopsies bared on the face of the validity concerning the entire discourse adopted forthwith. Recent patho-analytical reports of the autopsies, which are carried out on the patients, who reportedly died of the COVID during the quarantined treatment in Italian hospitals, discover now, that the virus uses the inflammatory storm to flare the endothelial thrombosis. It, for instance, doesn’t evidently and strongly, not only challenge but repudiate and contravene the validation of the whole discourse? According to what the reports uphold is the autarchic situational proceeding with a unilateral approach and nothing but mere neglect and disregard of a methodological approach and schematic proceeding.
Incontrovertibly, the scientific fora worldwide ignored many imperative steps; like considering the dissemination of intravascular coagulation process leading to the DIC thrombosis. In fact, if it is the DIC thrombosis, as of today’s finding-based academic perspective, it definitely requires another discourse. Moreover, the autopsies reports’ analysis suggests that patients of auto-immune diseases, who were on anti-inflammatory treatment, were also at a far decreased risk and not needed the superfluous treatment. The reports establish further, “It is venous microthrombosis that determines mortality”. “Treatment in ICUs with needless exorbitant costs has proved to be useless if thromboembolism is not resolved first.  If we ventilate a lung where blood does not circulate, it is useless, since by this – nine (9) patients out of ten (10) die”.
Furthermore, the report-analysis indicates that it was the state of hypo-immunity that determined the death indexes, and not the mere pathogenic indicators.
Every single facet of these findings urges and compels for a discourse other than the rashly adopted non-methodic ‘trial-n-error’ approach within the ‘anti-body anti-gen conflict’ model. It could be something out of the ‘fittest’s survival’ of the post-Darwinian ‘natural selection’ model. It was not to steer and necessitate the ‘anti-body anti-gen’ pathogenic war protocols extemporaneously and impulsively at all. But contrarily, something other than all this was required – and of course, that something was, and still is around there, offering and promising for a scientifically sound and economically fair resolve.  And what’s that—a broad-based shielding mechanism without damaging the host cells i.e. a mechanism based upon employing the anti-oxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting, anti-pyretic, anti-coagulant, anti-helminthic and a vast-spectrum anti-microbial shielding methods coupled with the germane protective schema-protocols. It was exactly the framework, which was documented by the 1st Methodological Broadsheet and Deca-archic Model for a Broad-based Shielding Mechanism against the COVID on 03/21/2020. Most of the procedures and measures mentioned in the broadsheet could have been employed at home and at an incredibly very low cost. The broadsheet was aired by AOPDA and the Science International from Pakistan on 03/23/2020, much more prior to these 50 Bergamo autopsies’ report-analysis comes. In fact, the present author proposed the aforementioned approach at the reliable, reputed, and trusted institutional fora. Present author’s broad-sheet was the first to provide a conceptual framework to address the COVID-19 (as verifiable from the event-sequences’ timeline) in a methodological framework with a perspective of broad-based anti-viral shielding, well before any other track and route was decided to proceed along – but here comes perhaps, either the conspiracy theory or the mere academic neglect, the compulsive clinging to the Darwinian model or the widespread essential institutionalized bias. Actually, on certain occasions, we use to measure the rationale of something by counting the number of publications and the publicized reputation the author holds to his credit and then using the same if becomes at the reduced amount, to discredit not only the author but also the proposition and the rationale behind that he has come forthwith. It is reflected through the parameters employed, that being less publicized actually grants the accounts to knock-down the whole paradigm and all of the scientific grounds beneath or the entire rationale behind…!
A thorough synthesis of the findings also provides clues and intensely signs that temporary incapacitation or an induced short-term mal-functioning of ACEs in general and that for the ACE-2 in particular, was a fair route-proposition. Another fair-enough proposition was to inhibit the initial replication cycle by modifying the phenomenon of tissue tropism or altering the ionization centers of Zinc and the Zinc-dependent enzymes in turn.
Neglecting the prospect-probabilities of thromboembolism or tropism-ignited microthrombosis isn’t the one and only facet of the ‘trial-n-error’ model of the ‘antibody-antigen’ conflict architype, nevertheless, it’s just a tip of the iceberg from the superciliousness and the disdain of the systematic, methodical and non-deviative proceedings, which is vitally required always, for a scientific inquiry in order to aptly deal with the present scenario of COVID or COVID-like prospect-probabilities and the corresponding likelihoods in the future.
Let’s take a conscience pause and justly derive a lesson here to prevent useless deaths and unavoidable consequences for the generations to come!


The author offered his services to the reputed fora for the methodological frame-working to address the COVID pandemic, and still feels singular rectitude towards submitting the same free of charge—whenever and wherever needed, in this critical most need hour of humanity…!

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