Postdoctoral Community Leads the Global Emergency Response—COVID 19 Pandemic Update

Postdoctoral Community Leads the Global Emergency Response—COVID 19 Pandemic Update

Breaking News:// COVID Alert-Note// AOPDA – The first methodological baselines engrossed annotation-broadsheet with reference to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has recently been emerged as the foremost inquiry-bound way-out propositional framework to address the research-centered needs of the global emergency.

Developed by the P.I. of Asia-Oceania Post-Doctoral Academia (AOPDA), the annotation-broadsheet has been made available to the World Health Organization,  the governments,  the research-oriented academic segments and other quarters of relevance.

The 1st schema-protocol broadsheet COVID-RR marks a major breakthrough in the persistently devastative scenario-in-effect ongoing from December 2019 and unceasingly overpassing the cross-continental and cross-oceanic boundaries around the globe.

The methodological and propositional research-schema centered annotation-broadsheet encompasses the condensed schematic way-out overview in a brief and engrossed graphic representation.

Precisely titled as ‘COVID-19 risk reduction (COVID-RR) Schematic Overview’ by AOPDA’s P.I Professor Aurangzeb Hafi, the annotation-broadsheet was presented from the author’s workstation in Pakistan on 3/23/2020 for the academic considerations. After a thorough review analysis and experts’ opinion on the subject, A.Z.H. Model of COVID-19 risk reduction (COVID-RR) along the broadsheet was aired by the midnight of 24th. A video / audio brief of the schema-outline is scheduled to be aired shortly.

The research-oriented institutional fora, the governments, the community stakeholders, health care systems and the policy-making segments are highly encouraged to incorporate their perspicacity to further the cause, as well as to employ the proposed ‘COVID 19 RR’ schema—whenever and wherever needed, in order to serve the suffering humanity during one of the critical most hours of need!


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