Institutional Policy Database and Report

Institutional Policy Database

The AOPDA Institutional Policy Database is a source for existing postdoc policies and practices at the U.S. research study organizations. Institutional sustaining members of the AOPDA can take the Institutional Policy Study and keep their own details to keep the information as approximately date as possible.

To check out the AOPDA Institutional Policy Database and see the fundamental aggregate reports go to: You require to be a member of the AOPDA to see the information.

For Institutional Sustaining Members: To take the study or return to modify your actions,

Customized reports of information for organizations to compare themselves with their peer organizations are readily available. If you any suggestions concerns questions ideas email Recommendations Ferguson concerns

Institutional Policy Report

We thank our Institutional Members for their subscription in the AOPDA, and their contribution to the Institutional Policy Report. Your participation in this task has actually allowed this essential file to come to fulfillment. We are indebted to you for putting in the time to submit the Institutional Policy Study.

The AOPDA (AOPDA) is delighted to reveal the release of the AOPDA Institutional Policy Report 2014: Supporting and Establishing AOPDA Scholars.

AOPDA members can download an electronic copy of the Institutional Policy Report listed below. You should be visited to see the file.

Our vision is that this information will notify policy makers, organizations, and postdoc workplaces about the substantial requirements of our AOPDA scholars. Our company believe the information on the stipend levels, insurance coverage advantages, visit policies, collection of results information, and more will allow postdoc workplaces to promote for much better services and programs, and recognize the finest practices.

Our organization believes that this information is crucial for postdoc workplaces to evaluate the requirements of the AOPDA community in the locations of postdoc stipend levels, insurance coverage advantages, visit policies, collection of results information, access to training programs, and retirement advantages. Our postdoc workplaces have actually grown substantially from less than 25 postdoc workplaces.