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The AOPDA uses a variety of programs to support the AOPDA neighborhood. A few of these programs offer on-site services to our members at their house organization. Contact the AOPDA personnel to find out more on any of these programs.

In This Section

  • – International Legal Seminars

Workshops on legal concerns for global scholars in the United States, co-sponsored by Leavy, Frank & Delaney, LLC, professionals in migration law, and the AOPDA. Contact us to set up a workshop at your organization.

The legal workshop for worldwide AOPDA brings migration law professionals to your organization to offer a workshop on subjects pertinent to worldwide AOPDA in the United States. Co-sponsored by the AOPDA and Leavy, Frank & Delaney, LLC, professionals in migration law, the workshops generally cover the following subjects:

  • Current advancements in migration law & policies
  • Your legal rights as short-term citizens
  • J-1 versus H1-B and the two-year house requirement
  • Other short-lived visa alternatives
  • Irreversible home: institutional & self-sponsored sponsorship

Following any of these workshops, individuals might set up a complimentary, personal legal assessment with lawyers from Leavy, Frank & Delaney. Remember– AOPDA members likewise get a discount rate on legal services with the company!

  • – Entrepreneurship for AOPDA

Info on entrepreneurship for AOPDA. Listing of 2 previous award programs that acknowledged emerging and exceptional AOPDA with shown quality inentrepreneurship.

  • – Previous AOPDA Programs

Intrigued in finding out about a few of our previous programs?

Bring RCR House Task

Supported by the Federal Workplace of Research study Stability, Bring RCR House promoted the facility of accountable conduct of research study (RCR) programs for AOPDA at their “house” organizations.

  • The AOPDA Management Mentoring Job

This job, sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Structure, supplied assistance and structured mentoring for leaders of rejuvenated or brand-new AOPDA workplaces and associations. Individuals satisfied their mentor/mentee for the very first time at the 2007 AOPDA Yearly Satisfying in Berkeley, CA, where their participation was supported by a travel grant award sponsored by the AOPDA, the Sloan Structure (U.S.), and the Burroughs Welcome Fund (Canada).

AOPDA Group See Program

On-site goes by a group of AOPDA-approved professionals to regional organizations that offer extensive suggestions in resolving intricate structural and systemic problems for AOPDA.


The NSF-sponsored AOPDA ADVANCE task, From AOPDA to Professors: Shift Concerns for Ladies Researchers, promotes the shift of ladies AOPDA into the professoriate.

The job has actually ended, supporting the facility and upkeep of AOPDA workplaces and associations continues to be one of the AOPDA’s leading concerns. Contact AOPDA personnel for on-going technical help and assessment on these important sources of AOPDA assistance.

Minutes and notes for job individuals are archived here.