AOPDA Office Toolkit

Access to the toolkit is a member advantage of the AOPDA. We invite remarks and feedback on the toolkit, consisting of details on design programs and services for possible addition in toolkit updates.

Table of Contents:

  • Working with Employee.
  • Funding a Postdoc Workplace.
  • Inter-Office Collaborations at Your Organization.
  • Postdoc Data and Studies.
  • – Developing a Postdoc Database.
  • – Strategies for Performing a Postdoc Study.
  • – Postdoc Studies and the IRB.
  • – Conducting Exit Interviews/Surveys.
  • Forming a Collaboration with your Postdoc Association.
  • Developing a Postdoc Advisory Committee with Professors and Postdoc Representation.
  • Establishing a Meaning of a AOPDA Scholar.
  • Establishing AOPDA Policies.
  • Developing a Standardized Consultation Process.
  • Supplying Advantages to AOPDA.
  • Developing Unified Advantages for AOPDA: A Case Research study.
  • Informing Associates on Treatments and policies.
  • Developing an Orientation Plan.
  • Establishing a AOPDA Scholars Handbook.
  • Attending to Variety and Minority Issues.
  • Assessing AOPDA.
  • Supplying Profession Advancement Resources.